Donn Anderson is the owner and home inspector of Live Oak Inspections, LLC. A native Texan, Donn grew up immersed in the management and maintenance of rental property owned by his parents. He spent his formative years participating in the upkeep and beautification of his family’s housing and associated property. Donn went on to build and own an industrial and municipal pipeline maintenance company as well as to manage his own rental properties, and refine his observant personality and industrious nature.

Live Oak Inspections, LLC is the product of Donn’s determined vision to provide a home inspection service that truly takes care of its clients. When Donn inspects a home, he encourages every client to be present so they can directly discuss any issues that are discovered during the inspection. Donn believes that his work goes beyond the conventions of a simple home inspection—it’s his intention and personal mission to be a support system for his clients. Steeped in familial Texan tradition, Live Oak Inspections always embraces clients with respect, a positive attitude, and a true commitment to their endeavor.

In his spare time, Donn enjoys visiting state parks and going camping with his family—which includes the dog! Donn is an avid animal lover who is devoted to and grateful for the continuing existence of animal rescue organizations. Every pet he’s ever adopted has been a rescue, including Max, the newest member of the family.

home inspector Donn Anderson


At Live Oak Inspections, LLC,  it’s our mission to help you establish a home that stands as strong and proud as you will once you’ve made the right investment.

Donn Anderson

Certified Home Inspector

TREC# 22426

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Discounts are available for Veterans, active military personnel, First Responders, and volunteers for animal rescue organizations.